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Mensswimwear.com is part of the Koalaswim.com family of extreme men’s swimwear, spandex play wear, and ultra-extreme sportswear. We have been manufacturing the world’s most erotic, exotic and, sometimes, borderline insane men’s swimwear designs for over twenty years! All of our designs are created and manufactured in the USA. Los Angeles to be more precise. All of our items are produced by amazingly skilled craftsman and are shipped worldwide.  Our philosophy has always been to offer men’s swimwear that is incredibly sexy. Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings, Short Shorts, Sheer Swimwear, Pouch Only Swimsuits and a myriad of other styles you might not have ever believed existed. Mensswimwear.com is where your swimwear dreams come true.

Our men’s swimwear designs are all about offering the best craftsmanship, the best fit and, of course, a superior visual experience.  One of our primary goals is to display the beauty of the male form with fashions that are both fun and exciting.

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Bikini and Micro Bikini Men’s Swimwear Styles: Bikini come in many shapes and sizes from full coverage to micro bikinis and everything in-between.  Our description of bikini swimwear differs from many other companies because, here, bikinis can be anywhere from a string on the side up to one inch in width. Anything over that is what we consider a brief. Rear coverage ranges from full coverage, which includes completely covering the cheeks, down to about 70% rear coverage. Minimal coverage would go down to 40% coverage with Brazilian bikinis down to as little as 20% coverage. Front pouches on bikinis can offer full coverage down to very narrow cut pouches. The micro bikinis follow the same rear coverage range as standard bikinis, but some of them are cut much lower on the rear. In fact, many of these designs are very effective thongs when tanning, but can also be used as just barely bikinis when you need a little more coverage.

Thong Men’s Swimwear: Thong style suits are the classic style swimwear designs with virtually no rear coverage. The cheeks are fully exposed with just a small triangle on top and anywhere from ¼” to 1” wide fabric running up your butt. They feel great and are fantastic for water sports. Thong style designs are anywhere from ¼” to 1” wide on the side. Pouch sizes range from full coverage to micro style pouches.Pouch Only Men’s Swimwear:Pouch only designs are for the time when you want a nude tan but there are no nude beaches available. These swimsuits are literally just pouches that only cover your equipment.

Short Shorts Men’s Swimwear and Play Wear:Short Shorts aka Daisy Dukes aka Micro Shorts; These are some of the most fun and exciting swim and play wear designs you can slip on your body. Our designs feature at least some rear cheek exposure with some of them showing upwards of 50%!  We have short shorts with bulge style pouches and swimwear shorts with built in enhancement c-rings.

G-string Style Men’s Swimwear Designs: The luscious and lovely G-string: it barely covers a thing and that’s why we love it along with lots of our customers. We offer a number of pouch designs and there are even some differences in waistband thickness. The typical G-string offers waist and rear bands from spaghetti style straps to straps as wide as ¼”. Pouch designs include triangle shapes, egg shaped, bulge out style, and ultra-compression designs to show an extremely small pouch.

Male Enhancement Men’s Swimwear Designs: We call these designs the great equalizers. They are bikinis, thongs and G-strings that have a special pouch with a built-in adjustable cock ring that manipulates your equipment and shows it in the largest possible way. These designs are created to make guys of all sizes look big all the time. Koala is the company that launched this entire category of men’s swimwear designs. Proudly made in the USA

Stimulation Style Men’s Swimwear Styles: We offer men’s swimwear designs you will not find anywhere else on the planet. That is a bold statement but true. Another style of swimsuit we have pioneered is the stimulation designs. These can be found in our selection as bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Sheer suits, and pouch only designs as well as spandex sex wear and male lingerie designs.  First, let me say by stimulation designs, we are talking about penetration style suits. Many use butt plugs. Others use the Ass Spark and still others use special metal hooks. Many of the designs offer hidden pleasure so you can wear them to the beach or to your friend’s pool party. In fact, they can be used almost anywhere.

Male to Female Transformation Swim and Underwear Designs: Many of our customers are men who have never thought at all about being feminine, but they see the designs and are curious about them.  The feeling is just as incredible as the look. These designs do exactly as they claim; they erase all visual signs of you being a man down there. Some just completely flatten you out while others even create very realistic lips and even camel toes. Whether you are interested in dabbling in your femininity or you live the lifestyle; these designs will blow you away.