Glory Hole Thong
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Glory Hole Thong


Use with or with our 2” ass
spreader plug


One size adjustable´╗┐

If you are
tired of wearing a pouch design and not being able to keep the pouch looking
full all the time, then try out the Glory Hole Thong. This thong gives you the
perfect penis shaped pouch to snuggly hide away your cock and balls while
offering a 2 inch custom ass spreader plug to maximize your erections. This
will definitely keep your pouch filled to the brink of explosion no matter
where you are wearing it. There is no reason to worry about looking flaccid
when you are wearing a design like this anymore.

rubberized look of the Glory Hole Thong will give you that slick and sexy look
that you are after while allowing you to feel as sexy as ever. If you don’t
have a public beach that will allow you to wear something like this, then try
it out for the next pool party you get invited to and see what kind of
reactions you get from your friends. Whether you wear it with or without the
ass spreader plug is your choice; you will still look hot without it but you
won't be able to enjoy it the way you can while having your ass spread apart
and penetrated with the plug.

The Glory
Hole Bikini is one of those designs that you have always dreamt of wearing but never
thought would be possible; until now that is. Take a chance and see why this
type of swimwear is certain to become the next big hit with all your friends.
Wouldn’t it be great to be the first one to wear it and show the world that you
are as adventurous as you look? Out of all the other designs, this is the one
that you are going to want to wear every day throughout the summer.

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Glory Hole Thong

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