Eros Boy
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Eros Boy is all about the love; the love and beauty of that most special part of a man’s anatomy; his penis. Koala swimwear designs are geared to giving you the ultimate in fit perfection. We have a number of cock shaped swimsuits which are all extremely popular so adding another was a no brainer. The Eros Boy offers a tight fitting shaft exposing pouch projecting out from the body and pointing down in a natural and relaxed position. The four-way stretch spandex will handle shafts of all shapes and sizes. There is no question the beauty of the male penis is almost beyond words and, with the Eros Boy, we not only wanted to feature the shaft but do something very special for the balls. We ended up doing a slight ball splitting design. This is our first ball splitter that does not go deep to completely split and separate the testes. Instead, it goes for a softer less intimidating split that just lightly highlights the individual balls. This interesting new take on the ball splitter pouch works beautifully with the shaft sleeve to make a symphony of penis design. It is a sexy, ass displaying thong that shows off your rear while still being comfortable for all day use


Men’s swimwear designed to get you noticed.

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Eros Boy

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