Clever Girl Thong
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Clever Girl Thong
CG3692  -  $36.00

The Clever Girl Thong is a male to female transformation suit to the core. It offers the maximum in sexy and seductive good looks with a real beach going air about it. Ultra feminine vagina style swimwear designs for men are core designs at Koala. Our creations are perfect for men making the transformation to female; guys just getting in touch with their hot inner girl, and just about everyone in between. The Clever Girl design offers Koala’s trade mark vagina look front pouch, which reshapes the penis into a beautiful and luscious little camel toe. The thong rear is created to highlight your wonderful round ass whether it is little or big. Designed as swimwear, this innovative thong is just as amazing as underwear, too. The Clever Girl Thong will bring new meaning to tight sexy jeans!


Men’s Men’s swimwear designed to get you noticed.

  • Item #: CG3692

Clever Girl Thong

Price: $36.00
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